We believe in our Customers, we welcome the open and sincere feedback of all the travellers that pass through our shops. Our philosophy is to embrace and encourage our customers to share their different perspectives that come from the diverse and rich experiences of the many nationalities that come through our doors.

   Our commitment is to learn from your feedback so that we can constantly improve over time incorporating these new ideas into the way we conduct our business.

   The planned strategy of A&A Free Zone GROUP is primarily focused towards providing all travellers arriving and departing Romania with local and international products at competitive prices in an environment where customer service is paramount, in a modern design environment, while developing a travel retail facility capable of competing with the best in the region.

   The availability of leading international brands at competitive prices in a powerful display, supported by aggressive promotions and superior customer service are the primary drivers of our strategy.

   The newly opened Niche Perfumery area in our shops have become major attraction for passengers visiting the seaport, while also providing a magnet for us to promote national products.