Our retail division consumes approximately half our business resources today, and we expect that to be the case for the foreseeable future.

   We are committed, over the next few years, to open travel and duty free shops in the most active border and regional airport locations in a measured strategically planned expansion. Regional airports in particular offer an exciting opportunity.

   The retail marketing strategy is focused on the growth of our own retail shops, offering a diplomatic supply service and serving military bases.

   We will offer a full range of the most popular products at very attractive prices as well as keeping in the forefront of market trends with the timely introduction of new arrivals. We guarantee all the products are genuine brand merchandise of recent manufacture.

   For the convenience of our customers we will be open seven days per week and will have frequent tantalizing promotions. We respect our customers and our experienced staff will strive to provide friendly and knowledgeable advice to make the customers’ visit to our store comfortable, rewarding and smooth. The goal is to make every customer have a good and memorable value shopping experience. We aim to gain your loyalty and to recommend us to your friends.

       The main differentiators we will bring to the value travel market are:
  • A modern and comfortable environment;
  • Superior customer service for an unrivalled shopping experience in our stores;
  • Beauty advisors with the knowledge and training to assist in the selection and use of product;